Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Year

It's been a wonderful Christmas break, starting off with the choir trip to New York City. We got to see so many wonderful and historic things around New York and enjoyed visiting the great city. It's a magnificent place, but it is sad to see so many without the hope of Christ. The masses can be overwhelming and the Pastors and churches in the New York City area are in much need of prayer. We had the opportunity to sing at Wall Street, Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Station, in churches in Brooklyn and New Jersey and pass out hundreds of Gospel tracks all over the city.
After our journeys, we returned home for a couple weeks. The holidays were wonderful and it was great to be with family. The Lord has blessed us with an amazing family that loves the Lord and it's always fun for us to be together. We had plenty of time to rest, eat (of course), and see friends and family.

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Jordan Eaks said...

Great pictures!! The Woodhouse kids said they had so much fun when they visited you. They always have funny stories to tell when they get home.... :D