Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finishing and Beginning

Another semester has sped by and it is, once again, time for finals! It's been such a wonderful 3 months and the Lord has blessed and taught us so much. Our final exams have begun and will last until Wednesday. In the meantime, we also have an open house at the college (the Choir will be singing), a Christmas banquet, a Teens for Christ basketball tournament, and plenty of other things to keep us busy. It will definitely be a very full week!
In some exciting news, we are preparing for the Crown College Choir trip to New York City! We will be leaving early Thursday, the 11th and returning late Tuesday, the 16th. Please pray for us as we travel, witness to the lost, and encourage the saved in New York City. Let's hope we can stay warm!

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Rachael Galang said...

Wow Bri,
Your Hair is beautiful. I love it so so so much. You should really keep it that way. Anyways, I miss yah. I will see you in a little while. Love yah