Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's been an interesting year so far. We started off with a great "Faithful Men's Revival" at school. Dr. William McCrea, a pastor in Northern Ireland and member of British Parliament, was the main speaker. The hand of the Lord is definitely upon this man and our hearts were challenged by the Word that was preached.
Since then classes have gotten off to a little bit of a slow start, with some unexpected setbacks. We had a little problem at the college campus with a frozen pipe that busted and caused some damage. A week after that we had a suprise blizzard (in Tennessee, if you can't see the grass it's a blizzard)! The snow was so much fun and we were excited that it stayed around for a while. We've enjoyed the breaks, but I can't believe we're having midterms next week! As always, we're busy with schoolwork, but enjoying the semester. Spring break is coming soon!

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